My name is Tessa Lloyd. I started cake making with a view to setting up a business whilst I was also studying for an MA in fine art. I had always been a really enthusiastic cook and cake making was just an extension of that, and can also be a very creative thing.

About four years after my MA, after much practice, and testing things out on friends and relatives until I felt confident enough to start selling, I set up Zinzie Cakes. Initially selling at small festivals and events, I was lucky enough in 2014 to be given a stall at Whitstable Farmers Market where I still sell my cakes and other baked goods eight years later. I have had stalls at large food festivals including Broadstairs Food Festival and Canterbury Food & Drink Festival.

With years of experience behind me now, almost all my cakes are my own recipes and are also gluten free- but taste as good, if not better than, regular cakes.


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